A social media game you have Look onto still, have confusion in which social media help you leverage your brand or which of these is going to add the most value to your business? The answer is simple. You’ve got to be where your customers are investing their time and attention.

Each social media platform has its strengths and provides different opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers. And consumers tend to use each social media platform for a different purpose.

Want to whinge about bad service? Look no further than Twitter whose 120-character Tweets are the perfect bite-size moan and more often than not solicit a response from a brand far quicker than a telephonic or email complaint.

Want to learn about a product or service? Facebook’s fan following makes it easier to get your message out through brand ambassadors.

Need visual inspiration? Pinup a storm on Pinterest! And Check the Instagram

It seems as if each day a new social media platform comes on to the scene.

So it’s clear you don’t have the time or money to invest in them all. But how do you choose the ones that are right for you? Ask yourself these questions:

What do you want to achieve with your social media marketing?


This is because each social media helps with different goals, e.g. Facebook is a great tool to drive traffic to your website, while Quora and medium help you with SEO.

What resources do you have at your disposal to invest in social media?

Don’t think for a second social media is free. It takes time not only to develop interesting, engaging content but also to post it appropriately and then to engage with your customers. Don’t set up a social media account if you have no plans to interact with it.

On which platforms do your prospects and customers currently interact?

 Focus your attention on your target audience, where they spend their time, when they spend it, and what they like to read or see.

What content do you have, or do you need to create?

What content do you have, or do you need to create?

 Do you have loads of videos? How about a YouTube channel? tons of pictures to share, How about Pinterest and Instagram? Common news to share? Twitter or Facebook is a good bet. Assess what you already have at your disposal, what you can repurpose, and what you need to create from scratch to keep your social media platforms active continuously. Connecting with Industry experts LinkedIn works best.

Still, stumped? Here are some plusses of each to help you pick which social media platform is the right one for you:


Great for creating a unique brand presence on a company Facebook page, building relationships with brand ambassadors aka fans, and extremely targeted advertising to prospective fans.


Quick and comprehensive, Twitter is great for getting information out super speedily. And the same goes for hearing what people are saying about your brand, albeit sometimes to your detriment if it’s a complaint. Need to research something, get news quickly, tweet something so it gets re-tweeted, and go viral? Twitter’s your best bet.


More often than not the core of your company’s dynamic content strategy, blogs are a great platform to persuade your target market that you’re an authority in your area by providing content that is useful, relevant, and entertaining to them. The content on blogs can be disseminated across the other social media platforms and these in turn drive traffic to your blog or site.


A professional social network, LinkedIn is a bit like the ‘grown-up’ Facebook, acting as a public display for your individual CV and company page, and allowing opportunities to network with like-minded contacts or interest groups. Take advantage of LinkedIn to share useful content or offer advice again positioning yourself as an expert in your area.


Watch out Google! YouTube is the second most-used search engine in the world and more often than not the go-to search engine for the younger generation to source information so if they are your target market and your product lends itself to video – of course it does, you’re in travel – you’d better be on it!


A relative newcomer to social media, Pinterest is a fantastic place for you to showcase any interesting visual content about your business. You’re in travel, so you’ve certainly got something sexy to display. Why not repurpose some of those fantastic images your staff has taken on-site inspections and set-up a Pinterest following?


A great place to share visual content both Image as well as video, the right platform to reach Millennial, and if you are into fashion, travel niche well this platform is for you.

And Tiktok is now booming which has 800 million active users worldwide, an app which helps you upload short video has gain popularity among the youth, and now these platforms tie-up with Edtech startups which is now useful business to use the platform for advertising purpose.

I have attended SEMrush conference Last December where Digital Pratik is a marketing and branding consultant, shared his views on using social media platform and a Tiktok can be the platform which every brand should consider for their business just like using Instagram and Facebook


Remember, the adage ‘build it and they will come’ never applies when it comes to social media. You’re going to have to invest time and energy in creating great content to feed these monsters. Never thing simply setting the platform up is enough. Only take this journey if you’re willing to invest continuously in it!

So, now every business plays social media game, which is a good sign for the business growth, having a great social media signals can help with the branding as well as it is a healthy approach for SEO and Google consider Social media signals one of the approaches to give search engine ranking.

If you have anything to add-on where you consider other social media platform which can brand to stay in the competition, Please share your views on with brandsquash

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