Having experience in Marketing and Finance Industry a MBA Graduate from Coastal Area of Karnataka after working in B2B firm handling almost all kind of Clients from different niches

 Established in 2019, the staff has over 10+ years combined experience in all areas of marketing including traditional mediums such as broadcast & print and newer mediums such as online media and interactive technology.  

Brand Squash Gets Up Close and Personal

Brand Squash is a results-based custom marketing Consultant; we know that every business is unique and that selling widgets is a lot different than selling whatsits.

At brand squash, we make it our business to know all about your business. Until we know who you are, and what you sell, we can’t tell you how or why you should market your product. So we spend a lot of time learning all about you. We want to know where you’ve been, where you want to be, who your customer is and why your product/service is special. Then we start to ask the really important questions.

Brand Squash Defines Your Target

It’s called a Marketing Analysis, and it’s the most critical aspect of your Marketing Plan. At Brand Squash, we research your product/services, your customers and your potential customers. And when we’re finished, we give you a pin-point accurate picture defining who your customers really are. We can tell you the kind of food they like, where they shop, the kind of things they’ll do for fun, and most importantly, where and how they get their information, even down to key words and phrases that will motivate them to buy your product/services.

Brand Squash Tells You Why

Once we’ve created the Marketing Analysis, we develop a Custom Marketing Plan especially for your business.

It’s a year-long spread sheet that’s easy for you to understand and it’s all based on the research. We will show you which medium works most effectively for you and why.

If Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Marketing are part of our recommendations, we’ll tell you which stations, day-parts or programs are best for you, and help you get added value for your dollars through traffic sponsorship; if Content Marketing is recommended, we’ll help with the right keywords and content creation, and when videos, Emails or Online Ads are integrated, we’ll show you why each is an important cornerstone to building your business.

Brand Squash Gets Creative

Brand Squash will develop your advertising message based on what we know about your target customers. It enables us to create a message using words, phrases and scenarios that will reach those customers emotionally, intellectually and effectively. It’s pretty powerful stuff and when combined with the added fuel of a carefully placed media buy, it can mean dynamite sales growth.

Get Free Marketing Analysis

We’re willing to invest our time in your business. Call us for a free Market Analysis. We’re confident once you see the kind of thorough work we do from the beginning, you’ll want us to see your marketing plans through to the end.